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FOR KING’S.—Mr. Covenhoven.


FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Lawrence,

The Committee were informed that a man on board of one of the Transports which brought General Sullivan’s Brigade of Troops from the eastward to this City, is taken with the Small-Pox. That the danger of such disorder spreading at this time, amongst the Troops quartered in and near this City, makes it absolutely necessary that some proper place should be provided for the reception of the person above-mentioned, and of such persons as may be seized with the Small-Pox in future. And it being suggested that the Island, with the buildings thereon, commonly called Little-Barn Island, belonging to Mr. Montresor, is the most suitable and safe place for that purpose:

Therefore Ordered, That Dr. Malachi Treat, and such other person as he shall employ, or such other person as the Commanding Officer of the Continental Troops at New-York shall direct, to attend the sick sent to the said Island, be, and they are hereby authorized and empowered to set apart, and make use of such parts of the House and other Buildings on the said Island, as he or they shall think most proper, and best calculated for the reception of all such persons as now are, or shall be seized with the Small-Pox; and that Doctor Treat take the management and direction of such sick persons as may be placed on that Island, until further order of the Provincial Congress or Committee of Safety of this Colony, or of the Commanding Officer of the Continental Forces at New-York, for the time being.

Mr. Covenhoven informed the Committee that Colonel Hand, with his Regiment of Riflemen, were stationed at New-Utrecht, in King’s County, to guard the Shore and to keep a look-out there, and that the service of the King’s County Light-Horse employed in that service is now become unnecessary:

Therefore Ordered, That Captain Waldron be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to discharge his Company of Light-Horse from the service of keeping a look-out on the Southern Coast in King’s County, until the further order of this Committee, or the Provincial Congress of this Colony.

Many persons attending daily for permission to export Flour and Bar Iron to the neighbouring Colonies, and the Committee being of opinion that this Colony is so well supplied with those articles as to render the restraint lately laid on their exportation unnecessary,

Therefore Ordered, That the General Committee of the City of New- York, or their sub-Committee of Inspection, be at liberty to permit the exportation of Flour and Bar Iron until further order, subject to the restrictions and regulations of the Continental Congress.

Colonel McDougall informed the Committee that he is in want of cash to pay Captain Ledyard’s Company their pay and inlisting money, and requested five hundred Pounds for that use. Colonel McDougall further requested that some gentlemen should be appointed and directed to audit the accounts of the publick money which he has received, as he may speedily be sent from this City on duty.

Ordered, That Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esquire, as Treasurer of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, advance to Colonel McDougall the sum of five hundred Pounds on his receipt, on account, for the subsistence of his Regiment, in Continental service.

And Ordered, That the gentlemen who constitute the Committee of Accounts, or any three or more of them, audit Colonel McDougall’s Accounts of all the publick money which he has received, and pass, or certify all such of them as they shall find regular.

The Committee of Safety were informed that his Majesty’s Council are summoned to meet on board of the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, and it is supposed with design further to prorogue the General Assembly of this Colony:

Ordered, That the Members of his Majesty’s Council of this Colony, and Samuel Bayard, Jun., Esquire, Deputy Secretary, be, and they are hereby, permitted to go on board the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, and return.

Ordered, That Mr. John Kelly be permitted, and he is hereby permitted to go on board the Ship Dutchess of Gordon, and return on the same day that his Majesty’s Council shall first go on board.

Mr. Nixen, the Port-Master, delivered in an estimate of Stores provided by twelve gentlemen, who are going passengers in the Packet, and informed the Committee that he would not choose to go on board of the Packet with them, without a permit from this Committee.

Ordered, That the Port-Master be permitted, and is hereby permitted to go on board of the Packet with the said Stores.

A Letter from General Putnam, dated the 9th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

“Head-Quarters, New-York, April 9, 1776.

“As the City Records are of the greatest consequence, and it being necessary that particular attention should be paid for their preservation, the General desires the first City battalion of Independents, commanded by Colonel Lasher, will undertake this guard. Captain H. G. Livingston’s company of Fusileers will relieve the company of Artillery to-morrow morning, at ten o’clock. The General has no doubt but they will receive the like consideration the Grenadier and Light Infantry companies did.


“To the Chairman of the Committee of Safety.”

A Letter from Burnett Miller, Chairman of the Committee of Easthampton, dated the 7th instant, informing that their Guard at Montauk saw a number of Vessels about sunset of the 6th, off Block-Island, and that at nine o’clock of the 7th, saw thirteen Vessels between Fisher’s Island and Gardner’s Island, and could hear their signal-guns during the day, the weather being too thick and foggy to discern their size; was read and filed.

A Letter from Thomas Wickes, Chairman of Huntington Committee, dated April the 8th, communicating intelligence of a Fleet of thirty square-rigged vessels having been seen in the Sound, was read and filed.

A Letter from Samuel Buel, dated at Huntington, on the 10th instant; (he therein mentions that he left Easthampton on Monday morning, after nine o’clock; that no further discoveries of the Fleet mentioned in the Committee’s letter of the 7th, except that a number of ships made a harbour at Fisher’s Island on Sunday evening; these, he supposes, were what is called Wallace’s Fleet; and that those seen from the east end at sea, on Sunday afternoon, were probably from the West-Indies or Boston, who by their firing were collecting their scattered fleet:) was also read and filed.

A Letter from Colonel A. Hawkes May, dated at Haverstraw, on the 4th inst., requesting that the Minute-men from his Regiment choose their Officers, was read and filed.

A Letter from Nathan Fordham, Burnet Miller, and Thomas Youngs, a sub-Committee of Sag-Harbour, dated the 3d instant, representing that they are much exposed to the ravages of the Ministerial Army, and requesting warlike stores for their defence, was read and filed.

A Letter from Jeremiah Clark, dated the 5th instant, with a Certificate of Elihu Marvin annexed, recommending Lieutenant William Roe for Captain, and David Mandevill, Jun., as his First Lieutenant, in the four Battalions to be raised, was read and filed.

A Letter from Colonel Isaac Nicoll, dated at Fort Constitution, on the 2d instant, mentioning that of necessity he had taken a hundred bushels of peas out of Hermanus Cuyler’s sloop, for the use of the garrison, for which he had given Captain Cuyler a receipt, and requesting that the Committee of Safety will order the same to be paid for, was read and filed.

A Letter from William McDermott, a Prisoner confined in Jail, praying to be heard before the Committee, was read and filed.

A Letter from John Vernon, also a Prisoner, complaining of ill-health, and want of a suitable allowance in Prison, and praying to be released, was read and filed.

A Letter from Colonel Isaac Nicoll was read, in the words following, viz:

“Fort Constitution, April 8, 1776.

“SIR: I have done everything in my power to have my regiment filled up, so as to make a return agreeable to a letter from the Congress, dated March 4, but find it not possible to fill them with good men, and such as are able to furnish themselves with arms, &c., by reason of their pay being lowered

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