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“Last Friday, I went to Goshen, in order to meet the officers of the Minute-men and Militia, to know the state of the regiment, (as I had sent orders, and written a number of letters, and all to no purpose,) and by that means missed seeing the Prussian General, Dr. Franklin, and the gentlemen with them. The regiment is not half full, and not one of them has any arms; and arms are not to be had. I am well persuaded that there can be but little dependance put on the Minute-men, upon the plan that they are now raised; for by the time a company is full, their four months is up, which keeps the officers continually recruiting; and the people seem determined against being drafted. Enclosed you have the particulars of the expense of the Court-Martial, and General Lee’s orders for holding it.

“I have discharged Captain Raymond’s Company of Minute-men, consisting only of thirty-one men, officers included, as there was a great uneasiness among the men, and Captain Jackson’s Company of standing forces marches in on Wednesday, which will fill the Barracks.

“I have also enclosed a report of the Committee of Hanover Precinct on John Handley, who is now a prisoner here, and should be glad you would advise me what is to be done with him.

“I am, with esteem, sir, your most humble servant,


“To William Paulding, Esq., Chairman of the Committee of Safety, New-York.

General Lee’s order to secure Ensign Goodgion,* dated the 17th of February last, and enclosed in Colonel Nicoll’s Letter, was filed.

General Lee’s Letter to Colonel Nicoll, † of the 25th of February last, that he had ordered General Clinton to call a Court-Martial, and enclosed as above, was also filed.

An Account of the expenses of taking and trying William Goodgion,‡ an Ensign in Captain Peter Hill’s Company of Ulster County Minute-men, and certified by Colonel Nicoll, amounting to seven Pounds sixteen Shillings and five Pence, was filed.

An Order from the Committee of Hanover Precinct, signed William Cross, Chairman, for the commitment of William Hanley, charged with having inlisted into the King’s service, was also filed.

A Letter from Walter Livingston, Esq., Deputy Commissary-General, dated at Albany, on the 3d instant, repelling some misrepresentations respecting the forwarding of clothing for the Green Mountain Boys, was read and filed.

The Committee of Safety were also informed that Nicholas Bayard, Esq., at whose house the Records are lodged, is very desirous that the Guard be changed for a Guard of citizens.

Therefore Ordered, That Colonel Lasher be requested to relieve the Guard now placed to guard the Records at Mr. Bayard’s, by a Guard from his Regiment.

A Letter from William Leary, Town-Major, dated yesterday, was read and filed. He thereby informs that the time of his continuing in pay as Town-Major is expired, and requested to know whether he was to be continued in service. Mr. Leary called on the Committee personally for an answer, and was informed by the Committee that they did not conceive themselves authorized to continue him in pay; and that it also appeared unnecessary, at present, to require his services and continue his pay.

A Certificate from S. Badlam, Captain of Artillery, dated the 8th instant, was read and filed. He thereby certifies that he has examined Joseph Crane as to his knowledge in Gunnery, and, considering his merits and experience, thinks him qualified for a Captain-Lieutenancy.

Therefore Ordered, That the said Joseph Crane, pursuant to the order of the Provincial Congress of the 16th of March last, be Captain-Lieutenant of the Continental Company of Artillery, whereof Sebastian Beauman, Esq., is Captain.

A Return of the Second Regiment of Militia, in the south end of Ulster County, commanded by James McClaughry, containing a state of the Arms, Accoutrements, Powder, and Ball, was read and filed. It is thereby returned that the Regiment has 585 Guns, 28 Bayonets, 495 Swords, 296 Cartouch-Boxes, 55 pounds of Gunpowder, and 191 pounds of Lead.

A Letter from Mr. Adrian Bancker, and Return for Commissions for sundry Officers of Militia in Richmond County, therein named, was read and filed. The Commissions therein requested were issued.

10 ho. A. M., April 12, 1776.

The Committee met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Mr. William Paulding, Chairman,

FOR NEW-YORK.—Colonel Lott, Mr. Randall, Mr. Imlay, Mr. Sands, Colonel McDougall, Mr. Beekman, Mr. Van Zandt.

FOR SUFFOLK.—Mr. Tredwell.

FOR ORANGE.—Mr. Cuyper.

FOR KING’S.—Colonel Covenhoven.

FOR DUTCHESS.—Mr. Everson, Colonel M. Graham.


FOR RICHMOND.—Mr. Lawrence.

Peter Dubois, who has attended some days on charges exhibited against him by the Reverend Barnard Page, Ethan Sickles, and others, together with the said witnesses and others, attending, the Committee determined to proceed thereon; and Mr. Dubois, and all the other persons attending thereon, were called in.

Ethan Sickles was first called up near the Chair, and examined. Notes of his examination, taken and read to him in presence of Mr. Dubois, are as follow, viz:

Ethan Sickles, of the City of New-York, being personally examined, says: That on last Thursday morning, he went from Paulus-Hook, with Mr. Peter Dubois and Colonel Smith, and another gentleman, in the stage, and proceeded to Woodbridge; that while Colonel Smith was with them, Mr. Dubois appeared a high Whig; that by the way, they took in Colonel Zedwitz; that Mr. Dubois was continually asking him questions, and, when he found any opportunity, was finding fault, and, from Mr. Dubois’s conversation, he thought he was not a Whig. That he heard that Mr. Page and Mr. Dubois got in a warm argument at Philadelphia, and differed in sentiment; that Mr. Dubois said General Gage was a gentleman and a man of honour, and that Mr. Dubois acknowledged the dispute, and what the examinant had heard on that subject, in the presence of the examinant. That on the road homeward, Mr. Dubois frequently spoke

* HEAD-QUATERS, NEW-YORK, February 17, 1776.

SIR: General Lee received yours of the 15th. He desires you would, as soon as possible, secure Ensign Goodgion, and confine him under fixed bayonets; and when you have done this, advise him immediately, and he will order a Court-Martial for his trial.

Your most obedient servant. By order of the General,


To Colonel Isaac Nicoll, at Fort Constitution.

† NEW-YORK, February 25, 1776.

SIR: I received the favour of yours, and, in consequence of your report, have ordered General Clinton to call a Court-Martial, of which he is appointed President.

I am, sir, your most obedient servant,


To Colonel Nicoll.

Account of Expenses accrued in taking and prosecuting WILLIAM GOODGION, Ensign in the Company of Minute-men commanded by Captain PETER HILL, of ULSTER County, by order of General LEE, being the expenses of JAMES LATTF, Lieutenant in the same Company, viz:

February 20, 1776.—To expenses when out with a party of six men, to take Ensign Goodgion,
£0 18 1
To expenses when down at New-York, with an express to General Lee
  1 15 8
To horse-hire, and feeding the horse on the way and in New-York
  1   8 0
  £4 1 9

On examining this account, I find ten shillings error in addition, which will make the whole of this account ten shillings less than given in before.

Expenses of the Court-Martial, viz:
Major Howell, two days, at 33¼ dollars per month £0 17 9⅓
Major Logan Do    Do   0 17 9⅓
Lieutenant Ecker Do at 18 dollars per month   0 9 7
Lieutenant Perkins Do    Do   0 9 7
  £2 14 8⅔
Cash paid Burdine, for going to New-York with the proceedings to General Lee
£l 0 0
  £7 16 5⅔

I have examined the above account, and think it reasonable.


March 16, 1776.

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