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and means, all the enemies of this Colony who shall, at any time hereafter, in a hostile manner, attempt or enterprise the invasion, detriment, or annoyance of this Colony. And you are to observe and obey such orders and instructions as, from time to time, you shall receive from me, or other your superior officers, pursuant to the trust hereby reposed in you and the laws of this Colony.

“Given under my hand and the seal of this Colony, at . . . . . , this . . . . day of . . . . . . , A. D. 177.

“By his Honour’s command:

“. . . . . . , Secretary.”

Resolved by this Assembly, That the form of a Commission for the Captain and Subaltern Officers of a Company of Militia in this Colony shall be as follows, and the Governour and Secretary are desired and directed to sign the same.

“J. T., Esq., Captain-General and Commander-in-Chief of the ENGLISH Colony of CONNECTICUT, in NEW-ENGLAND, in AMERICA:


To . . . . . . , Gent., Greeting:

“You being by the General Assembly of this Colony accepted to be . . . . . . , reposing special trust and confidence in your fidelity, courage, and good conduct, I do, by virtue of the laws of this Colony me thereunto enabling, appoint and empower you to take the said . . . . . . into your care and charge, as their . . . . . . , carefully and diligently to discharge that trust, exercising your inferior officers and . . . . .  in the use of their arms, according to the discipline of war, keeping them in good order and government, and commanding them to obey you as their . . . . . for the service of this Colony; and you are to observe all such orders and directions as, from time to time, you shall receive, either from me or from other your superior officers, pursuant to the trust hereby reposed in you.

“Given under my hand and the seal of this Colony, at . . . . . . , this . . . day of . . . . . , A. D. 177.

“By his Honour’s command:

“. . . . . . , Secretary.”

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Selectmen in the respective Towns in this Colony, at or before the 1st day of September next, shall take and transmit to his Honour the Governour a particular account of all the persons in their respective Towns in this Colony, as well negroes or slaves for life as white persons, distinguishing the number of those who are under the age of twenty years from those who are above that age, the sexes, or whether married or single, those in the Militia, and all able-bodied men who do not belong to the Militia; also all those who are now in actual service; thereby to enable his Honour to prepare a complete answer to a letter lately received from the Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, President of the Continental Congress; and that this act be forthwith distributed by the Representatives in the present Assembly; and that the account, or whole number of the persons in each Town, be attested on oath by the Selectmen thereof, to have been faithfully and truly made and completed.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Treasurer of this Colony take the legal ways and means to enforce the collection of the Taxes due to this Colony, with all convenient speed: Provided, nevertheless, That upon any of the Collectors of such Rates producing to the Treasurer of this Colony a certificate, under the hands of the civil authority and Selectmen to which such Collectors belong, therein expressing the sum and amount of the Rates or Taxes arising on the lists of such persons in their respective rate-bills who are actually abroad in the defence of the United Colonies, which is not collected, the said Treasurer is hereby ordered and directed not to enforce the collection of such sum expressed and certified as aforesaid, until their return, or a more convenient season.

Whereas, it is for publick benefit to support the credit of the Continental Currency passing in this Colony; and for that end, of importance that the same should be received in payment of publick taxes:

It is therefore resolved by this Assembly, That the Treasurer of this Colony may, and he is hereby directed to receive the paper bills of the Continental currency, when offered in payment of Colony taxes, or any debts payable to the Treasurer of this Colony, until otherwise instructed by this Assembly.

An Act to restrain the exportation of Rum, Sugar, Molasses, Salt, and other WEST-INDIA productions, out of this Colony, for the time, therein limited.

Whereas, it hath been represented to this Assembly that sundry persons are engrossing Rum, Sugar, Molasses, Salt, and other West-India goods, with an intent to export the same out of this Colony, whereby great inconveniences may at present arise:

Be it enacted by the Governour, Council, and Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That no Rum, Sugar, Molasses, Salt, or other West-India goods, shall be exported out of this Colony, by land or water, on or before the 1st day of November next, under the same penalties and forfeitures as already expressed in one statute of this Colony, entitled” An act to enable the Governour to lay an embargo, and for rendering the same when laid effectual;” or shall be otherwise punished by forfeiting the value of such goods so put on board, shipped or exported; and that all offenders shall be proceeded against in like manner and form as in and by said statute is provided; and that his Honour the Governour be desired forthwith to issue his Proclamation prohibiting such exportation accordingly. Provided, nevertheless, That any West-India goods necessary for the use of the Continental Army, upon application made to his Honour the Governour by the Continental Congress, or his Excellency General Washington, may be permitted to be exported by the license of his Honour, anything in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.

Oliver Ellsworth, Esq., is appointed, directed, and empowered, forthwith to proceed to Major-General Schuyler at Albany, or elsewhere, and lay before him the Accounts and Pay-Rolls of the several Regiments and Companies raised in this Colony, and employed the last year in Continental service at Canada, and which have been already paid by this Colony, and request of him a Warrant for repayment of the sums advanced and paid to said Continental Troops aforesaid, and to receive, safe keep, and convey and deliver to the Treasurer of this Colony whatever sum or sums he may receive on account as aforesaid, and take his receipt therefor, and the same lodge with the Secretary of this Colony.

This Assembly do appoint the Honourable Matthew Gristwold, Eliphalet Dyer, Jabez Huntington, William Williams, and Richard Law, Esquires, Messrs. Titus Hosmer, Benjamin Huntington, Colonel Jedediah Elderkin, William Hill-house, and Nathaniel Wales, Jan., to be a Council or Committee of Safety, to assist his Honour the Governour when the Assembly is not sitting, with full power and authority to order and direct the Militia and Navy of this Colony, and the marches and stations of the Troops that have been or shall be inlisted and assembled for the special defence of this or the neighbouring Colonies, or any part or parts thereof, as they shall judge necessary, and to give all necessary orders from time to time for furnishing and supplying the Militia, Troops, and Navy, in every respect and to every purpose that may be needful to render the defence of these Colonies effectual, with full power and authority to fulfil and execute every trust already reposed or that shall be reposed by this Assembly in his Honour the Governour and Council of Safety aforesaid. And this Assembly do expect and desire his Honour the Governour to notify and convene the whole of said Council on all important occasions and business which may be before them; but where the necessity and safety of the publick may require greater despatch than can consist with the notice and attendance of the whole, and on smaller matters, his Honour the Governour, at his discretion, may convene a smaller number, not less than five to be a quorum, to act with him in the matters and business as aforesaid.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the pay of the Council of Safety shall be to each man eight Shillings per day for his time and expenses in that service; and the Committee of Pay-Table are directed to draw on the Treasurer for the same accordingly.

Resolved by this Assembly, That his Honour the Governour be desired, and he is hereby requested, to prepare authenticated copies of the Petitions to the King, and Letters to the Secretary of State &c., passed since the beginning of the present unhappy contest between Great Britain and the American Colonies, and transmit them to the Continental Congress.

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