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His Honour the Governour having laid before this Assembly the doings and proceedings of himself, with the advice of the Council of Safety, assigned him relative to the fortifying of the Port and Harbour of New-London, pursuant to a resolve of this Assembly in December last, which doings and proceedings are approved of: And it being represented to this Assembly that the Works are not yet completed, and that it is necessary to employ more hands in said Works,

It is Resolved and Ordered, That his Honour the Governour be directed, and is hereby desired, with the advice and assistance of the Committee of Safety, to carry on and complete said Works, and to employ as many men as they may judge proper and convenient, and to give such orders and instructions, from time to time, as to them may seem meet and convenient.

Whereas a representation hath now been made to this Assembly that some of the Soldiers in the service of this Colony last year who were returned Deserters have received their whole wages, the return of their desertion notwithstanding—in Colonel Storrs’s Company, ten; in Captain Mosely’s Company, thirty; in Captain Knowlton ’s Company, seven; in Captain Clark ’s Company, two; in Captain Elliott ’s Company, two;—and a Committee having been now appointed to inquire whether the mistake happened fraudulently, designedly, or accidentally, and who, and how far any person or persons were fraudulently or inadvertently concerned and instrumental therein, and what is proper further to be done therein, and said Committee having now reported that the several persons concerned in the premises not being present, and that they are not now furnished with any documents to investigate the true state and circumstances of the several matters aforesaid, which said report of said Committee is now accepted and approved,

It is therefore Resolved, That his Honour the Governour be directed to write to the Delegates from this Colony to the Continental Congress, advising them of the matters aforesaid, that no prejudice may accrue to this Colony therein; and that the Committee of Pay-Table be, and they are hereby, appointed and empowered fully to examine into the several matters and facts aforesaid in such way and manner as to them shall appear proper and necessary, and make report of what they shall find in the premises to the next session of this Assembly.

Captain Jeremiah Wadsworth, Colonel Jonathan Fitch, Captain William Ledyard, Captain Samuel Squire, Colonel Jedediah Elderkin, and Mr. Jedediah Strong, are appointed a Committee to purchase five thousand pair of Yarn Stockings for the use of the Army in Canada, upon the best terms they can, as soon as may be, and make report to his Honour the Governour, with a fair account of the number they respectively furnish, and the prices they cost; and his Honour the Governour is desired thereupon to cause said Stockings to be transported to New-York, and there to be delivered to John Alsop, or Francis Lewis, Esquires, agreeable to the request of the Congress; and, also, to transmit the accounts of the cost of said Stockings to Roger Sherman, Esq., that the same may be speedily repaid.

Resolved by this Assembly, That there be a further premium of two Shillings and six Pence, lawful money, paid out of the Colony Treasury for every double-bridled good and well-made Gunlock that shall be made and manufactured within the Colony after the 10th day of June instant, and before the 20th day of October next, in addition to the premium or bounty of one Shilling and six Pence heretofore granted by this Assembly.

Resolved by this Assembly, That his Honour the Governour and the Committee of Safety be authorized and required, and they are hereby authorized and required, to examine and adjust all accounts of expenses incurred or that may be incurred, or for services that have been or may be done, on account and for the use of this Colony, by order of that honourable Board in pursuance of any Act, Resolution, or direction of the General Assembly, and certify the sum or sums they may find due on such Accounts to the Committee of the Pay-Table, who shall receive and file such certificates, and draw on the Treasurer for the sum or sums therein contained accordingly.

This Assembly do appoint, empower, and desire his Honour the Governour, during the present session of this Assembly, to fill up the blank Commissions for private Ships-of-War, and Letters of Marque and Reprisal, sent or that shall be sent, from time to time, by the President of the Congress to this Assembly, and the same deliver to the person or persons intending to fit out such private Ships-of-War, who shall apply for the same; and, also, to see the proper bonds executed and sent with such Commissions, and see the same duly returned, agreeable to the resolutions of the honourable Continental Congress.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Committee of Pay-Table be, and they are hereby, directed to receive and adjust the Accounts of supporting the Continental Prisoners in this Colony; and prepare authentick copies thereof, properly attested, and transmit them to his Honour the Governour, who is desired to forward the same, to be laid before the honourable Continental Congress for payment.

Whereas it appears that there is still an arrearage of Supplies or Rations due to the Officers and Soldiers that went from this Colony last year in the Northern Army; wherefore, that, what is right and just may be done to them therein,

It is Resolved and Ordered, That the Commissaries appointed last year by this Colony do, as soon as may be, collect an exact Account of what quantity or part of the daily Rations was delivered out, and of all such arrears that may be justly due to said Officers and Soldiers, from the Colonels of the respective Regiments that marched to the northward, duly certified by said Colonels and the Quartermasters of said several Regiments, or by the Commissary of Supplies, or other proper or sufficient evidence; and that they exhibit such Accounts, as soon as may be, to the Commissary-General of the Northern Department, and obtain payment thereof as far as may be; and, in case of failure, that they apply to the Pay-Table with such Accounts and Vouchers, who are hereby directed to adjust and order payment of what they shall find justly due, after deducting therefrom to each Soldier what they have received on account of Continental allowance made by General Schuyler for billeting and additional days, over and above the Colony allowance, which is two Shillings and six Pence per week in billeting, and about eight Shillings per man for the whole term of their inlistment in the addition of days.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Home Commissaries be, and they are hereby, directed speedily to settle their Accounts with the General and Deputy Commissaries whom they have supplied in their different departments with Provisions, warlike Stores, &c., and take duplicate copies of their Accounts when stated, settled, and subscribed by Commissaries, observing, as nearly as can be, a distinction between the Supplies that were antecedent to the 3d of August last, and those that were subsequent to that time; one set of which copies will be vouchers for the Home Commissaries to settle with the Committee of Pay-Table, and the other to be made use of in supporting the Colony’s demand on the Continental Congress for reimbursement.

Whereas it is of importance as well as necessary that the Troops that lately went to the Camp at Cambridge and Roxbury, also those that marched to New-York, in Continental service, all from this Colony, and now returned, should be immediately paid off without further delay: It is thereupon

Resolved and Ordered, That Colonel James Wadsworth, Jun., Colonel Matthew Talcott, and Colonel lchabod Lewis, be, and they are hereby, appointed and empowered to collect and receive all the Pay-Rolls of the several Companies that marched in the service aforesaid, and apply to the General to allow and settle the same, and obtain his order for the payment of the moneys due thereon, for the benefit of the Officers and Soldiers to whom it is due, and deliver and pay the same accordingly; and the Committee of the Pay-Table are hereby ordered and directed to adjust and give order for the payment of all losses of arms, accoutrements, as also for expenses of sickness for such Officers and Soldiers, in the same manner and according to the same rules and regulations that have, or are hereby established, for the benefit of those Officers and Soldiers that have been raised and sent out by special order of this Assembly, and to state an account thereof, in order that it may be transmitted to Congress for payment.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Committee of the Pay-Table be directed, and they are hereby directed and empowered, to settle and adjust the Account or Accounts with the respective Commissaries employed by this Colony,

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