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under oath, and that they draw on the Colony Treasurer for such sum or sums as may be found respectively and justly due to them upon such settlement and adjustment as shall be made as aforesaid, and to receive whatever sums shall be found due to the Colony, and pay over to the Treasurer; and also to settle and adjust Accounts with the Commissary-General, and to make such allowances to him for his trouble in receiving in and delivering out stores, provisions, &c., as they shall judge just and reasonable, and draw on the Treasurer therefor.

This Assembly do appoint, authorize, and empower, Nathaniel Wales, Jun., Esq., of Windham, to liquidate, adjust, and settle, the Account or Accounts subsisting between this Colony and Elisha Pain, Esq., late King’s Attorney for the County of Windham, and to receive, secure, and recover, whatever balance may be found due thereon, and account render of his doings in the premises to this Assembly.

Resolved by this Assembly, That all accounts of expenses incurred for making necessary provisions for sick Soldiers of this Colony in the Army of the late compaign, when they could not be otherwise supplied without great inconvenience and danger to the sick, and which provisions were approved and directed by any of the Surgeons of said Army, may be laid before the Committee of Pay-Table, and being properly certified and attested, said Committee are hereby authorized and directed to settle and adjust the same, and draw on the Treasurer for payment of what they shall find just and reasonable; and also, in case any Officer or Soldier, in battle or otherwise, by inevitable Providence and without his default, shall lose or destroy his arms, clothing, or accoutrements, or the same shall be so lost or destroyed, upon proper evidence thereof being produced to said Committee of Pay-Table, they are also authorized to receive and examine the accounts thereof, and draw on the Treasurer for the just and reasonable value thereof.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the several Postmasters be, and they are hereby directed to prepare their accounts of debts and credits arising in their offices, whilst employed by this Assembly, and lay the same before the Committee of Pay-Table for adjustment; and all special Posts, who have in fact been in the Continental service, be, and they are hereby, advised to prepare true and attested accounts of their service and expenses, and procure authentick certificates of their services, from the person or persons by them employed and encouraged, or from such persons as are knowing to their being so employed and encouraged, that they may be properly laid before the honourable Continental Congress for payment.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Colonels of the Militia Regiments marched to New-York, on the first and last requisitions of General Washington, be, and they are hereby directed speedily to forward the Pay-Rolls of the several Companies in their respective Regiments, to his Honour the Governour and Council of Safety, to be adjusted, and authentick copies thereof prepared, to be transmitted by his Honour the Governour to General Washington, for payment.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the Commissaries of the Militia Regiments that marched to New- York, on requisition of General Washington, be, and they are hereby directed to prepare their accounts of supplies for those Regiments, and lay the same before his Honour the Governour and Council of Safety, for adjustment, and to be transmitted to General Washington, for his order for their payment.

It being represented to this Assembly by the Committee appointed in May last to procure three thousand stands of Arms for the use of this Colony, which were to have been completed by the 1st day of May instant, that by means of unforeseen difficulties and delays they have not been able yet to obtain the number ordered, and some of those engaged are yet in the hands of the workmen unfinished; and the Colony not being supplied with a sufficient quantity of Arms,

It is therefore resolved by this Assembly, That the acts and resolves of this Assembly for procuring, encouraging and regulating the manufacture of Fire-Arms and Locks, according to the directions there given, and the provisions thereof, be, and they are hereby revived, and shall be and continue in force until the session of this Assembly in October next; and the Committee therein named are directed to use their utmost care and vigilance to provide and procure the number of such Arms as are thereby directed and ordered, and make report of their doings in the premises.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the inhabitants of the Town of Saybrook have liberty to build a Battery at the place where the old Fort stood in said town, so that it be well constructed, to contain six carriage-guns, for the defence of said town and harbour; and that the inhabitants be encouraged thereto with the assistance of twenty men from the Regiment to be stationed at New-London, &c., in labouring to build said Fort, and to guard the same so long as the Governour and Council of Safety shall think fit; and that said Fort be furnished with three good carriage-guns, in addition to those that be already there; all to be mounted on proper carriages, and furnished with a sufficiency of powder and ball, and all other necessary implements for said guns and Fort, as soon as may be, at the expense of this Colony, to be under the direction of his Honour the Governour and Council of Safety, during the pleasure of this Assembly.

Whereas it is represented to this Assembly, that sundry of the Non-Commissioned Officers and Soldiers belonging to some of the Regiments in this Colony, have, in a late instance, refused to march to New-York, for the defence of this and that Colony, pursuant to orders given for that purpose by the Captain-General of this Colony, agreeable to the laws in such case made and provided, by which refusal of such Soldiers, &c., the peace and safety of the good people of these Colonies are greatly exposed to danger, &c.:

It is thereupon resolved by this Assembly, That the Attorney for the Governour and Company of this Colony in the County of Fairfield, be, and he is hereby ordered and directed, without delay, to examine and inquire into the grounds and foundations of the matters aforesaid, and, where he finds sufficient cause, to pursue such legal prosecutions as are necessary to trying such supposed offenders, and in case they are found guilty, to suffer the just punishment provided by law, and prevent the mischief threatened thereby.

Resolved by this Assembly, That the respective Towns in this Colony that have supplied any Powder for the publick, shall lay in their accounts thereof, before the Committee of the Pay-Table, well authenticated; and thereupon the said Committee shall adjust the same, together with such reasonable allowance for their trouble and expense therein, as the said Committee shall think just, and give an order in favour of the Selectmen of such Town upon any of the Powder-Mills in this Colony, to be refunded in Powder, for such quantity as said Committee shall judge just and reasonable.

Whereas the article of Sulphur is necessary, and must be speedily procured for publick use; and whereas one Mr. Thomas Bidwell, of Pennsylvania, has proposed to this Assembly that upon his receiving from the Colony twenty suitable pots, with their receivers, and the privilege of using the Sulphur Ore drawn from the Lead-Mine in Middletown, free from charge, and the Colony taking off from his hands all the well-wrought, refined, and genuine Sulphur, which he shall manufacture within this Colony, out of Ore found within the same, at the price of two Pounds ten Shillings for each hundred weight of such Sulphur made and manufactured as aforesaid, within the space of two years next after the 1st day of June, 1776, he will immediately enter upon and continue the manufacturing of such Sulphur in this Colony, upon Ore found within the same, for the space aforesaid, for the use of this Colony, and deliver what Sulphur he shall so make to the Colony at said price; and at the expiration of said term, or whensoever he shall quit said business here, he will fully communicate to some proper person, in the interest of this Colony, and an inhabitant of the same, for the benefit of the Colony, all the skill and art of manufacturing Sulphur, and leave such pots and receivers in the condition they shall then be found in, to the use of the Colony; which proposals are accepted by this Assembly on this condition, that the Colony will not at present engage to receive more than fifty tons of Sulphur, to be made and manufactured by said Bidwell as aforesaid.

Therefore it is resolved by this Assembly, That twenty suitable pots, and their receivers, for the manufacturing Sulphur, shall be forthwith provided at the expense of this Colony, and delivered to said Bidwell, at such place within

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